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Mycorrhizal Fungi

Mycorrhizal Fungi

Beneficial Soil Fungi for Sustainable Plant Production

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi are important for healthy soils and crops. A pan-European study shows that plant-protection products adversely affect these fungi, reducing their ability to supply plants with phosphorus via their roots.

Swiss Agricultural Research

World Soil Day

Oktober_Ziegen_Saure Braunerde

Healthy Soil – the Foundation for a Productive Agricultural Sector

December 5th is World Soil Day. Only healthy soils guarantee high yields over the long term, which is why Agroscope researchers are focusing on this ecosystem.

Forage Plants

Forage Plants

Two New Varieties of Birdsfoot Trefoil Recommended

Birdsfoot trefoil and sainfoin are used in mixtures for perennial hay meadows and for tannin-containing fodder. Agroscope is adding two new cultivars of birdsfoot trefoil to the ‘List of Recommended Varieties of Forage Plants’, whilst there is no change in the case of sainfoin.

Swiss Agricultural Research

Breeding Research

For Higher Yields: Breeding Plants that Cooperate

A simple breeding experiment, combined with genetic analysis, can rapidly uncover genes that promote cooperation and higher yields of plant populations.



Plant protection, variety breeding and testing, optimisation of cultivation techniques - for agroecological production systems

Qualitative and sensorial analyses of foodstuffs for a high-quality, healthy diet and safe food.

Research on bees, horses, pigs and ruminants as well as official inspection of their feed - for economic and animal-friendly husbandry.

Research for an agricultural sector that preserves biodiversity as well as soil, air and water quality against the backdrop of climate change.

Socioeconomic analyses of agricultural labour, income monitoring, digitisation and smart farming – for an economic and socially sustainable agriculture.

Virtual or physical stations where researchers and practitioners together work together in co-creation to develop solutions for a sustainable agricultural sector.


Herausforderung Nährstoffverluste

Dieses Dossier bündelt einen Auszug von aktuellen und früheren Forschungsaktivitäten zu Nährstoffen und deren Verlusten.


Liste variétale

Variety lists

Die geprüften und empfohlenen Sorten erfüllen möglichst folgende Kriterien: Sie sind an unseren Boden und unser Klima angepasst, krankheitsresistent, entsprechen den vom Markt verlangten Qualitätskriterien, sind ertragreich und leicht zu produzieren.



Die umweltgerechte Produktion von qualitativ hochwertigen Lebensmitteln ist eine der wichtigsten aktuellen Herausforderungen. Die Agrometeo-Website bietet Entscheidungshilfen und Informationen für einen optimalen Schutz der Kulturen.



Cost Catalogue 2022

Der Maschinenkostenbericht enthält neu auch Kostenansätze für hoftechnische Einrichtungen, Gebäude und Arbeit und heisst nun Kostenkatalog.

Magazine «agroscope» November 2022

The November 2022 agroscope magazine is online

The Agroscope Centre of Excellence for Raw-Milk Products investigated the popularity of Vacherin Fribourgeois PDO cheese. Read about this and many more studies in the latest issue of the magazine.