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Plant-based Beverages

Plant-based Beverages

Plant-based Beverages and Cow’s Milk: a Comparison of Physico-chemical Properties

The number of plant-based beverages on supermarket shelves is constantly increasing. The physicochemical properties of these beverages, such as their colour or foamability, vary according to the plant they are made from, and determine their use as an alternative to milk.

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Plant Protection Products

Plant protection

Risk Indicators for Plant Protection Products: Further Analyses for Calculation

Agroscope has developed risk indicators which show the development of risks associated with the use of plant protection products for important environmental compartments, describe the risk potential of the active substances and take account of legal measures for risk mitigation.

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Biopreservation – the Forgotten Role of Fermentation

Selected microorganisms extend the shelf-life of foods, thereby contributing to a reduction in food waste. In a study of the literature, Agroscope highlighted the important role of protective cultures and fermentation.

Swiss Agricultural Research

Corporate Strategy

Agroscope Strengthens its Expertise in Agroecology

Agroscope welcomes proven expert in organic farming and agroecology Lucius Tamm on board. Tamm will be responsible inter alia for the strategy process as preparation for the new 2026–2029 Work Programme, as well as for the further development of international collaborations.



Plant protection, variety breeding and testing, optimisation of cultivation techniques - for agroecological production systems

Qualitative and sensorial analyses of foodstuffs for a high-quality, healthy diet and safe food.

Research on bees, horses, pigs and ruminants as well as official inspection of their feed - for economic and animal-friendly husbandry.

Research for an agricultural sector that preserves biodiversity as well as soil, air and water quality against the backdrop of climate change.

Socioeconomic analyses of agricultural labour, income monitoring, digitisation and smart farming – for an economic and socially sustainable agriculture.

Virtual or physical stations where researchers and practitioners together work together in co-creation to develop solutions for a sustainable agricultural sector.


Agri-PV: Dual Use of Agricultural Land

Agriphotovoltaics (‘agri-PV’) aims to combine renewable electricity generation and under-cover agricultural production on the same plot and without competition. Agroscope is involved in the monitoring and agronomic evaluation of crops in several pilot projects.


Liste variétale

Lists of Recommended Varieties

As far as possible, the tested and recommended varieties meet the following criteria: they are adapted to our soil and climate, disease-resistant, compliant with market quality standards, high-yielding and easy to produce.



The environmentally-sound production of high-quality foods is one of the most important challenges facing us at present. The Agrometeo website provides decision-making tools and information for optimal crop protection.



Cost Catalogue 2022

The Machine Costs Report now also contains cost estimates for indoor mechanisation, buildings and labour, and will now be called the ‘Cost Catalogue’.

Magazine «agroscope» November 2022

The November 2022 agroscope magazine is online

The Agroscope Centre of Excellence for Raw-Milk Products investigated the popularity of Vacherin Fribourgeois PDO cheese. Read about this and many more studies in the latest issue of the magazine.