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Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus


Tracking Down the Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus

The tomato brown rugose fruit virus poses a new threat to Swiss agriculture – especially to tomatoes and peppers. Agroscope is playing a key role in controlling this quarantine organism in Switzerland.

Social Sustainability

Social Sustainability of Family Farms

How Can the Social Sustainability of Family Farms Be Measured?

Previous criteria used to measure social sustainability have their limits in the case of family farms. We propose focusing on workload. Initial results show that this is an easy-to-use and meaningful indicator.

Swiss Agricultural Research

Damage Caused by Birds


Reduce the Damage Caused by Birds

Agroscope is partnering with ornithologists to study the behaviour of corvids. The study aims to reduce the damage caused by these birds to sunflower and maize seedlings.


Efficient Life Cycle Assessments thanks to SALCAfuture

As of now SALCAfuture is being used by Agroscope and is also available for internal and external collaborations. Check out this video to learn more.

Diversity in Swiss Crop Protection Practices

Diversity in Swiss Crop Protection Practices

To reduce plant-protection product use, we need to know what behavioural patterns farmers follow when using plant-protection products in their crops. This was the subject of a study conducted by Agroscope in Switzerland.

Swiss Agricultural Research
Administrative Burden

Direct Payments System: How to Reduce the Administrative Burden

Why do Swiss farmers complain about the administrative burden associated with the direct payments system? Studies conducted by Agroscope show that the issue is not the time required: other factors are more important.

Swiss Agricultural Research


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