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Proof by Underpants’

Beweisstueck Unterhose

Buried Underwear Shows that Humus Promotes Soil Life and Pro-tects against Drought

The aim of the ‘Proof by Underpants’ project was to obtain exten-sive information on the soil quality of gardens and farms, for the first time with the help of the general population. Initial results show that humus plays a key role in the soil, helping it cope better with climate-induced drought.

Plant protection

Plant protection

Scoring Points with Plant Protection in Vegetable Crops

Agroscope has developed a scoring system for plant protection in vegetable crops. The system enables the creation of incentives for reducing the use and environmental risks of plant-protection products and promoting preventive and non-chemical measures.

Swiss Agricultural Research


Video Regeneration von verdichtetem Unterboden

Regeneration of Compacted Subsoils

A video gives a brief explanation of the problem of compacted subsoils and introduces the ROCSUB Project which studies different ways of regenerating a severely compacted subsoil.

Smart «Home Garden» bei Agroscope

Smart ‘Home Garden’ at Agroscope

Agroscope has set up a ‘Home Garden’ pilot plant on its Conthey site to transfer its expertise in indoor-farming research to the ‘Home Garden’ system developed by the Zurich-based company Pleasant Plants.

Raw-Milk Cheese

Vacherin Fribourgeois PDO: Consumer Study Shows Popularity of Raw-Milk Cheeses

At the new Centre of Excellence for Raw-Milk Products, Agroscope and Grangeneuve interviewed test subjects about the popularity of Vacherin Fribourgeois PDO cheeses made from raw and thermised milk. The study showed that the market potential of raw-milk cheeses has not yet been exhausted.  


Promoting Soil Organisms for Good Yields

A wide variety of creatures live in the soil: invertebrates as well as bacteria and fungi. Besides improving soil structure and composition, they can be of direct benefit to crops by making nutrients available to them or by attacking pathogens.


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