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Cheese Varieties


Cheese Varieties: Volatile Carboxylic Acids Contribute to their Unmistakeable Character

Cheese varieties from Switzerland are characterised according to various criteria. Agroscope analysed the free volatile carboxylic acids in ten cheese varieties and demonstrated that the latter are suitable for characterisation and differentiation.

Swiss Agricultural Research

Ground-Nesting Bees

Bodennistende Wildbienen als «Ingenieure» des Ökosystems Boden

Ground-Nesting Bees as Soil Ecosystem «Engineers»

Scientists from Agroscope and two partner universities used X-ray imaging to provide new insights into the underground life of ground-nesting bees. The results highlight the locally important role of ground-nesting bees as soil ecosystem “engineers” improving soil health.

Nitrogen Fixation


How Much Nitrogen from the Air Enters the Soil through Legumes?

Symbiotic nitrogen fixation by bacteria in the soil coexisting with legumes leads to reduced fertiliser requirement. It is not easy to measure this variable on farms, however. Now researchers from Agroscope have developed a method for estimating nitrogen input via symbiotic fixation at farm level.

Swiss Agricultural Research

Agri-food Imports


How Resilient Were Swiss Agri-Food Importing Firms to COVID-19?

The agricultural sector as an aggregate proved resilient to the COVID-19 shock. But how did it impact agribusiness firms within the sector? Using the Swiss case, we provide the first set of evidence on how agri-food importing firms survived the pandemic economically.

Swiss Agricultural Research



Plant protection, variety breeding and testing, optimisation of cultivation techniques - for agroecological production systems

Qualitative and sensorial analyses of foodstuffs for a high-quality, healthy diet and safe food.

Research on bees, horses, pigs and ruminants as well as official inspection of their feed - for economic and animal-friendly husbandry.

Research for an agricultural sector that preserves biodiversity as well as soil, air and water quality against the backdrop of climate change.

Socioeconomic analyses of agricultural labour, income monitoring, digitisation and smart farming – for an economic and socially sustainable agriculture.

Virtual or physical stations where researchers and practitioners together work together in co-creation to develop solutions for a sustainable agricultural sector.


FACE Conference 2023

Swiss and European Artisan Cheesemakers to Gather in Grangeneuve

From 11 to 13 October 2023, the dairy and cheese producers from Switzerland and Europe will meet in Grangeneuve. Topic: Raw milk. Register now until 1st October.


Liste variétale

Lists of Recommended Varieties

As far as possible, the tested and recommended varieties meet the following criteria: they are adapted to our soil and climate, disease-resistant, compliant with market quality standards, high-yielding and easy to produce.



Agrometeo is a platform that summarises information and decision-support tools for the optimised application of plant protection measures in agriculture.



Cost Catalogue 2022

The Machine Costs Report now also contains cost estimates for indoor mechanisation, buildings and labour, and will since 2022 be called the ‘Cost Catalogue’.

Agrarforschung Online

Swiss Agricultural Research

Swiss Agricultural Research publishes Swiss agriculture and food sector research findings online. This open-access journal is published by Agroscope. Additional partners are the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL, the School of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences HAFL and the AGRIDEA advisory centres.