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Low-Productive Cattle

Low-Productive Cattle

Not All Cows Are Alike: Cattle Breed Affects Pasture Vegetation and Diversity

The pastures of low-productive Highland Cattle are particularly species-rich because of their relatively low weight, undemandingness and slowness. This is borne out by Agroscope and AgroVet Strickhof studies.

Yields and the Environment


Positive Impacts on Yields and the Environment

Harnessing the forces of nature and agricultural practice in all its variety brings benefits. This is the conclusion of an international study which was published in the journal ‘Science Advances’.

Plant Protection


Steam Effective Against Cereal Diseases

Seed treatments are meant to protect germinating crops from diseases. Agroscope tested thermal treatment methods in association with fenaco.

Kühe Liegeboxen

Generous Sizing of Cubicles for Dairy Cows

An Agroscope study shows the adverse affect of cubicles that are too small on the lying behaviour of large cows in free stalls. New-builds must therefore be proactively geared to the future body size of cows.


Wild Bees Fly for Research

What stresses wild bees? In this video, Matthias Albrecht outlines the initial findings of the trials and shows what is needed to develop effective mitigation measures.


LabourScope – The Work Budget for Agriculture and Housekeeping

How much time does it take to perform the individual activities on a farm? Are all those involved satisfied with the distribution of the work? How could the distribution be further improved?


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