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Dairy Products

Milch und Agrotourismus

Dairy Products and Holidaymakers

Swiss milk producers can boost their income and productivity with agrotourism.

Protected Site

Protected Site

Protected Site: Seven Years of Field Research with Genetically Modified Plants

A secured field on Agroscope’s Reckenholz site enables field research with genetically modified (GM) plants. In addition to research results, it provides findings on how GM plants might be handled in agriculture, as well as offering the public a window into this research.



Fungal Toxins in Wheat: Innovative Cropping Systems Reduce Fusarium Mycotoxins

Fungal toxins in wheat endanger the health of humans and animals. Agroscope investigated three cropping systems under reduced tillage to improve the quality and yield of wheat harvests using alternative crop protection strategies.


Crop Rotation or Crop Cover – What Promotes Healthy Soil?

Crop rotation and crop cover are key elements of environmentally compatible and soil-conserving agriculture.

Schweine Erdmandelgras

Controlling Yellow Nutsedge with Free-Range Pigs

Using pigs to control yellow nutsedge is environmentally friendly, effective, protects the soil, and creates added value: the flesh of the animals can be sold as meat.

Cider Guide

Second Edition of Cider Varieties Guide Now Online

The sugar levels of the different varieties have been adjusted in the current edition. In addition, there is now a French version of the Cider Varieties Guide.


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Agroscope researchers' publications can be found in the Institutional Repository. If the PDF of the publication is freely available, it can be downloaded. Otherwise, the publication reference will inform you of where the paper was published.

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agroscope will be published several times a year, and feature highlights from Agroscope research.

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Studying agricultural soils with the aid of lysimeters

Certified Virus-Free Seed Potatoes, thanks to Molecular Diagnostics