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Drought-Tolerant Sorghum to Combat Fodder Scarcity

Agroscope’s trials test the agronomic properties of sorghum, an African grass from the family Poaceae, and its qualities as a forage.

Reversible Carbon Sinks

Reversible Carbon Sinks

Temporary Carbon Sinks also Benefit the Climate

Storing carbon in the soil in the form of soil organic matter benefits the climate. A new approach allows us to quantify this effect.

Swiss Agricultural Research

Climate Change


Climate Change: a Challenge

The dossier, which contains current publications, gives an insight into selected Agroscope research projects.

Conyza Arten

Fleabanes – to control or not to control?

Info Flora and Agroscope’s ‘Invasive Neophytes’ Expert Group has conducted a risk assessment of the fleabanes Conyza canadensis, C. sumatrensis und C. bonariensis for the attention of the FOEN. The conclusion: these three newly occurring plants in Switzerland do not currently pose a threat for biodiversity.

Bt Maize

Bt Maize Has Minimal Impact on Non-Target Organisms

Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) bacterium proteins protect Bt maize from being fed on by specific insects. A new, systematic analysis of international field data confirms that non-target organisms in Bt maize are largely spared.

Swiss Agricultural Research

International collaboration in the INVITE project to improve variety selection.

Agroscope is participating in this project, which aims to encourage the introduction of new varieties that are better adapted to different biotic and abiotic conditions and to more-sustainable crop management practices.


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