Posieux engraissement des bovins


Over two-thirds of the useful agricultural area in Switzerland consists of grassland, which is why ruminant husbandry is an important pillar of Swiss agriculture. Thanks to the high-quality grassland forage produced in Switzerland, milk and meat can be produced in an ecologically efficient manner with minimal use of concentrates.
Api nel favo


The Swiss Bee Research Centre belongs to Agroscope in Liebefeld-Bern. The Swiss Bee Research Centre works in the frame on the federal agricultural research for the needs of Swiss beekeepers. It supplies scientific and technical know-how for the benefit of beekeepers and of all concerned.
Etalons dans la neige


Themes presented:
Research Projects, Swiss National Stud Farm SNSF, Cribbing.
Posieux un cochon tandis que la nourriture


The feeding, proper housing and health of suckler sows, piglets and fattening pigs are decisive for economically successful pork production, and are meant to guarantee Swiss consumers a product, i.e. pork, of the highest quality.
Grains moulin

Animal Feed

Feed or feedstuffs are processed or unprocessed products fed to livestock and pets. Agroscope boasts a wide range of knowledge and competencies in this field.