Wild Bees Fly for Research

What stresses wild bees? In this video, Matthias Albrecht outlines the initial findings of the trials and shows what is needed to develop effective mitigation measures.


Conference 'Plants & well-being'

In association with the Dalle Molle Foundation, Agroscope is organising a colloquium on the subject of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants to be held from 9am to 4.30pm on Friday 13 November 2020, at the Hôtel Aquatis in Lausanne.


LabourScope – The Work Budget for Agriculture and Housekeeping

How much time does it take to perform the individual activities on a farm? Are all those involved satisfied with the distribution of the work? How could the distribution be further improved?


High-Risk Plant Protection Products – Is Effective Crop Protection Possible Without Them?

Agroscope examined whether it is possible to forgo the use of PPPs with a high risk potential for the environment. The results show that this would make effective crop protection more difficult, especially for field and vegetable crops, but also in organic farming.


Sown Wildflower Strips and Hedgerows – Good for Pest Control, Pollination and Yields?

Sown wildflower strips improve pest control, and diverse, perennial strips also improve pollination services. Hedgerows in Switzerland yielded good results, while internationally effects were inconsistent. The effects on yield were variable.


Lactic Acid Bacteria Could Contribute to Healthy Gut Flora

Can the human gut microbiome be optimised through the dietary uptake of certain bacteria? Researchers from Agroscope and the University of Bern analysed the potential of lactic acid bacteria from the Liebefeld strain collection in this respect. For a century now, the bacteria have been isolated and collected from Swiss dairies and archived at Agroscope.


For Healthier, More Efficient and Resistant Livestock: Agroscope Strengthens Livestock Research

With the new ‘Animal GenoPhenomics’ Research Group, Agroscope is strengthening livestock research and interdisciplinary networking, tapping into new findings and opportunities for synergy, especially in the fields of animal breeding and animal health.


Traditional Foods as Alternatives to Synthetic Compounds

A strong immune system is important for health. Foods that are rich in propionic acid, such as Emmental cheese, have a supportive effect, and are a possible alternative to compounds with synthetically produced propionic acid.


Almond Trees in Switzerland: Pipe Dream or Opportunity?

Can growing almond trees be a new way forward for Swiss fruit growing? What is the potential here in terms of production and marketing? Answers to these questions are being provided by Agroscope researchers in partnership with representatives from practice and administration.


The new agroscope magazine is out

agroscope will be published several times a year, and feature highlights from Agroscope research.