United in the Fight against Japanese Beetle

Agroscope has been awarded the contract for an EU Horizon2020 Project. Together with European partners, it aims to develop sustainable strategies for controlling the quarantine pest, Japanese beetle.


How to Monitor Livestock Health Digitally

An overview of digital systems available on the market shows that the greatest range is on offer for monitoring dairy cows and the smallest for monitoring fattening and dairy sheep and goats.


Agroscope’s International Networking in a Map

Agroscope is involved in numerous networks, working groups and expert groups, conducts cooperative ventures and partnerships with research-related organisations, and collaborates with other institutions on international research projects. The interactive map provides an overview of all the institutions worldwide with which Agroscope maintains a form of cooperation.


Towards Pesticide-Free Agriculture

Together with over 20 other European research institutions, Agroscope has signed a memorandum of understanding for the promotion of a sustainable agri-food system in Europe. The declaration of intention establishes formal cooperation between the partner institutions.


Combatting Antibiotic Resistance in Piglets

Alternatives to antibiotics must be found to combat antibiotic resistance in animal production. The plant sainfoin reduces postweaning diarrhoea in piglets, thus reducing the need for antibiotic treatment.


Greening of railway rights-of-way

The SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) has ordered a feasibility study (2nd semester of 2018) on the greening of railway rights-of-way. An expert panel concluded that a greening of rights-of-way could be successful.


Flea Beetle Control in Oilseed Rape through Companion Planting

Sowing oilseed rape with other plants reduces damage caused by flea beetle. This intercropping approach could limit reliance on insecticides and the emergence of resistant pests.


The New Swiss Agricultural Research is Online

It’s here: Swiss Agricultural Research is now available online and free of charge. Easy-to-read summaries give you a quick overview of the topic in question.


Eleven new Maize Varieties for 2020

Of the 27 maize varieties examined in 2019 in the second year of testing, 11 varieties were recommended after conclusion of the testing. Nine varieties were struck off the list.


Beneficials and GM Plants with Bt-Toxin(s)

Agroscope experts were able to show that genetically modified plants with one or more Bt toxins did not pose an increased risk for non-target organisms such as beneficials.