Plant Production

Field Crops

Our scientific activities are meant to promote an efficient and profitable production of high-quality plant products for human consumption.
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Fruit Growing

This page offers you practical expertise as well as current disease and pest forecasts for successful orchard management and advice in fruit growing.
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Vegetable Growing

More information can be found on the german pages.

Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources

A wide varietal choice allows farmers to align their production to the specific requirements of their region, their production system and the market they target.

Plant Protection

Innovation reduces pesticide use. Put in concrete terms, over 40 Agroscope projects focus on sustainable crop protection and contribute to the development of integrated production.
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Forage, Grassland, Grazing Systems

We support the ecological use of meadows and pastures and the development of sustainable grassland and upland farming systems.
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Research in viticulture and oenology at Agroscope is intended to solve practical problems of Swiss wine growers, taking into account regional conditions.


Representatives of berry producers, advisory bodies and research organisations form a competent network and hold annual meetings to prioritize new topics pertaining to production requirements.

Aromatic and Medicinal Plants

Centred on practitioners' concerns and questions, our work endeavours to provide precise information and indications on species that present varietal or cultivation difficulties.