Plant Production

Blattanwendung auf Zeolith-Basis


Effects of a Zeolite-based Foliar Biostimulant on Winter Wheat and Maize

Foliar applications of a zeolite-based biostimulant improved the yield as well as the export of nitrogen of winter wheat and maize. This represents an option for improving nitrogen use efficiency and reducing losses.
Lupins, Oats, Seegräben


Promoting diversity and securing yields

In the CROPDIVA project, Agroscope aims to promote the mixed intercropping of lupins and lentils with oats or hull-less barley. The goal is to increase biodiversity and crop yield in the face of extreme weather events; see video.
Effektive Mikroorganismen


Can Effective Microorganisms Influence Green-Manure Decomposition?

Although effective microorganisms (EM) are frequently used to shallowly incorporate green manures (cover crops) in the field, almost no scientific research has been conducted on them to date. This study simulated the decomposition of green manures with EM in the laboratory.