Plant Production


Manuel Boss Takes Over Reins of ‘Plants and Plant Products’ Competence Division

Manuel Boss takes over the reins of the ‘Plants and Plant Products’ Competence Division on 1 June 2021. He brings his extensive network and his experience in science and agricultural policy with him to Agroscope.


Cockchafer Control Campaign Launched in Thurgau, Graubünden and Bern

Agroscope, plant-protection agencies and affected farmers launch 2021 campaign for controlling cockchafers in the mountain region with naturally occurring fungi.


March 2021 issue of agroscope Magazine now Online

From pitchfork to fork – this issue of agroscope Magazine focuses on selected food-production topics.


Rare Arable Crops

Agroscope Leads a Work Package of the New Horizon 2020 Project Promoting Underrepresented Arable Crops.


Controlling Yellow Nutsedge with Free-Range Pigs

Using pigs to control yellow nutsedge is environmentally friendly, effective, protects the soil, and creates added value: the flesh of the animals can be sold as meat.


Urgent Measures for Controlling Japanese Beetle

As the harmful Japanese beetle has now become established in Sottoceneri (canton of Ticino), the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture has ordered containment measures. These are intended to halt the further spread of this pest in Switzerland.


Steam Effective Against Cereal Diseases

Seed treatments are meant to protect germinating crops from diseases. Agroscope tested thermal treatment methods in association with fenaco.


High-Risk Plant Protection Products – Is Effective Crop Protection Possible Without Them?

Agroscope examined whether it is possible to forgo the use of PPPs with a high risk potential for the environment. The results show that this would make effective crop protection more difficult, especially for field and vegetable crops, but also in organic farming.