Plant Production


Diversity in Swiss Crop Protection Practices

To reduce plant-protection product use, we need to know what behavioural patterns farmers follow when using plant-protection products in their crops. This was the subject of a study conducted by Agroscope in Switzerland.


FOAG-Agroscope Expert Workshop

How can we improve the way we rate farmyard manures as nitrogen suppliers? International experts will gather at Agroscope from 4-6 May to discuss the determination of farmyard-manure nitrogen utilisation as a basis for revising the Suisse-Bilanz nutrient balance calculation tool.


Divico Wines in Blends with Pinot Noir: High Quality, Intense Colour

Divico, Agroscope’s new disease-resistant grape variety, is noted for the quality of its wines. Blending trials with the Pinot Noir variety have shown that Divico is also highly suitable for correcting colour intensity in the latter.


Two New Varieties of Incarnate Clover Recommended

Crimson clover is essentially used as a catch crop in association with ryegrass. The comparative trial conducted in 2019-21 has led to the addition of two new acquisitions to the List of Recommended Varieties of Forage Plants.


Reduce the Damage Caused by Birds

Agroscope is partnering with ornithologists to study the behaviour of corvids. The study aims to reduce the damage caused by these birds to sunflower and maize seedlings.


Surveying and Identifying Wildflowers with Drones

Wildflowers on meadows and pastures are important as a year-round source of food for pollinating insects.


Hardy Grazing Livestock: Protectors of the Mountain Landscape

Biodiverse mountain pastures are being overgrown by green alder shrubs. A study conducted by Agroscope and ETHZ shows that hardy sheep and goats can stop shrub encroachment. In particular, the traditional Engadine sheep has a taste for green alder.


The March 2022 Agroscope Magazine Is Online

Dip into our wide-range of topics, from Knowledge Co-creation to Work Programmes


Agroscope Rice Project Receives National Science Foundation Support

The Agroscope Rice Project is supported by the SNSF. Project Head Yvonne Fabian will be providing an insight into her research at a Treffpunkt Science City talk on 20 March 2022.


A Food Challenge, Seasoned with Agroscope Knowledge

How can we feed ourselves in the most climate- and environmentally friendly way possible? The Swiss TV channel SRF’s ‘Einstein’ show explores this issue in two programmes, on 10 and 17 February 2022 – with the participation of experts from Agroscope.