Pflanzliche Alternativen in der Ernährung


Plant-Based Alternatives – an Analysis of the Last Ten Years

The study examines the discourse in the media on plant-based alternatives in Switzerland to gain insights into current trends. Instead of questioning consumers directly, the researchers analysed the media discourse which shapes and reflects consumer perceptions.


How are Plant-Based Alternatives to Dairy Products Perceived and Who Consumes Them?

The range of plant-based alternatives to milk continues to rise. Agroscope and the SMP (Swiss Milk Producers) conducted an online survey to find out what products are being consumed and how they are perceived.


Co-formulants in Plant Protection Products and their Residues in Food

Plant protection products contain active substances and co-formulants. Agroscope studied the residues of co-formulants on treated plants for the first time, thereby furnishing the basis for assessing risks posed to consumers.