Ways to an environmentally friendly and healthy diet

The conclusion reached on the Agroscope Life Cycle Assessment Platform: making our diet more sustainable requires a holistic analysis of production, healthy eating, consumer decisions and the entire food system, as well as the involvement of all stakeholders.


The March 2022 Agroscope Magazine Is Online

Dip into our wide-range of topics, from Knowledge Co-creation to Work Programmes


A Food Challenge, Seasoned with Agroscope Knowledge

How can we feed ourselves in the most climate- and environmentally friendly way possible? The Swiss TV channel SRF’s ‘Einstein’ show explores this issue in two programmes, on 10 and 17 February 2022 – with the participation of experts from Agroscope.


Refining Sustainability Assessment

Agroscope wishes to refine its sustainability assessment competencies. It has therefore reorganised a Research Division.


Researching in the System and with Practice

Agroscope’s new 2022–2025 Work Programme aims to strengthen system research and co-create more research with farmers. It is also increasingly guided by the principles of agroecology.


November 2021 issue of agroscope magazine now online

This issue highlights various approaches aimed at creating a sustainable agriculture and food sector.


Consumption of Raw Goat’s Milk: What Is the Risk of Infection with TBE Viruses?

Tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) pathogens can be transmitted to humans by the consumption of raw milk and raw-milk products from infected goats. The risk is judged to be low, and is most likely to come from on-farm consumption of the (unpasteurised) products.


For good, healthy and environmentally friendly food

Working together with three other partners from the private sector, Agroscope coordinates the Horizon 2020 project OptiSignFood, which aims to provide the basics for more efficient, more environmentally friendly food production.


Emergency Supplies Before, During and After the Swiss Confederation’s COVID-19 Measures

The older the respondents, the better they know and follow the emergency supply recommendations. Experience from the first lockdown can help ensure more stocking-up in future.


Characterisation of Raclette du Valais PDO

Agroscope has comprehensively characterised the cheese variety Raclette du Valais PDO (Protected Designation of Origin). With the reference values obtained, cheese-dairy advisory services will be able to identify cheese defects more easily in future.