The Many Uses of the ‘Most Beautiful’ Yeast, Metschikowia pulcherrima

Metschnikowia pulcherrima is a naturally occurring yeast with applications in agriculture, the food industry and biotechnology. Agroscope is investigating this yeast in particular with regard to biocontrol applications in plant protection.


MOSH/MOAH in Dairy Products – Identifying and Taking Measures to Avoid Input Sources

For some time now, mineral oil hydrocarbons in foods have been the subject of intense discussion. In this factsheet, we give an overview of input sources and benchmarks for different dairy products as well as an introduction to the interpretation of laboratory data.
Mit sehr viel Liebe zum Detail


Exploring the World of Raw-Milk Products

What experience do artisan farms and businesses have in the manufacture of raw-milk products? In association with the Centre of Excellence for Raw-Milk Products, Agroscope researcher Hans-Peter Bachmann visits farms all over Switzerland. The third trip takes us to a cheese dairy on the Alp La Duchatte.