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Nutrition, Health

Since 2015, Agroscope has placed its emphasis in the food sector on microbial systems. In the Human Nutrition Division, the physical and biochemical effects of fermented or cultured foods (especially yoghurt and cheese) thus form the focus of research, with the aim of enabling the identification and evaluation of potential health benefits and risks.
Lebensmittelsensorik pflanzliche Lebensmittel Birne

Sensory Analysis of Food

The sensory analysis of food is an interdisciplinary scientific discipline encompassing the description, measurement and interpretation of product characteristics that can be perceived by human sensory organs. Here, the human being serves as a measuring instrument, comparable to other laboratory apparatus.


Milk, meat, eggs and honey are foods of animal origin. They supply the body with high-quality proteins as well as minerals (e.g. calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, iodine) and vitamins (various B vitamins as well as vitamin D).
Sicherheit Lebensmittel


Current research projects are:
Increasing the Safety of Milk and Dairy Products, Challenge Tests for Greater Safety in Meat Products, Using Cutting-Edge Methods to Keep Dangerous and Resistant Bacteria in Milk and Dairy Products in Check, Staphylococcus aureus – The Fight against the Little Bacterium that Causes Big Problems in Dairy Farming.

Cheese, Milk and Dairy Products

With its research, advisory service, teaching activities and services, Agroscope supports milk processing and helps enable consumers to choose from a wide range of high quality products. From animal feed to milk processing, Agroscope investigates factors influencing the quality of milk and dairy products.
Wein und Destillate

Wine, Destillate

High quality is meant to be a defining feature of Swiss wines, as a justification for their prices. This quality can only be achieved if all production steps from vine to bottle pass off optimally.
Distillates: The distiller’s skill begins with the fermentation of the must, and leads to a delicate brandy.
Miele svizzero

Bee products

From time immemorial, man has used hive products as a food or for therapeutic ends.
Honey, pollen, royal gelly, beeswax, propolis, bee venom.

Wheat breeding for breadmaking quality

Satisfy the demand for market-oriented, healthy and tasty wheat varieties.