SGA 2023


Routes to Resilient, Sustainable and Secure Agricultural and Food Systems

Scheduled for 20-21 April, the annual conference of the Swiss Society for Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Sociology (SGA) will deal with the ‘Transformation of agri-food systems – sustainability and digitalisation of food value chains’. Registration is open up to 10 April.
Magazine «agroscope» March 2023


The March 2023 agroscope magazine is online

The spring issue of agroscope Magazine showcases our wide range of research activities and our commitment to increasingly sustainable agricultural production.
Plant-based Beverages


Plant-based Beverages and Cow’s Milk: a Comparison of Physico-chemical Properties

The number of plant-based beverages on supermarket shelves is constantly increasing. The physicochemical properties of these beverages, such as their colour or foamability, vary according to the plant they are made from, and determine their use as an alternative to milk.