The November 2022 agroscope magazine is online

The Agroscope Centre of Excellence for Raw-Milk Products investigated the popularity of Vacherin Fribourgeois PDO cheese. Read about this and many more studies in the latest issue of the magazine.


Swiss Food Week: Plant Foods in Focus

The Swiss Food Week (14–18 November) revolves around plant proteins. Agroscope will be using the event to survey consumers online about plant foods and to introduce the ‘HybPiKäs’ project.


Researching Together for a Healthy Diet

Agroscope and Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW are stepping up their cooperation in food research and have signed a memorandum of understanding.


Measuring Protein Digestibility in the Laboratory while Reducing Animal Testing

Agroscope has developed a method that can reliably measure the protein digestibility of different foods in the laboratory. This opens up promising prospects in nutritional research and reduces the need for complex human and animal trials.


How Do Sound Waves Affect Plants and Microorganisms?

Plants and microorganisms can perceive and respond to sound waves. In a review of the literature, Agroscope analysed various publications on this topic. The studies show that sound can lead to positive effects on physiology in the form of improved growth, development and disease resistance.


AgroPV and Greenhouse Crops: Pilot Project

To utilise useful light for the vegetables grown in the greenhouse whilst producing electricity: this is possible thanks to the startup Voltiris's agri-photovoltaic system. Agroscope is currently testing this solution for vegetable crops requiring especially high levels of light at its Conthey site.


The Bacterium Morganella morganii Forms Biogenic Amines in Raclette Cheeses

Biogenic amines in foods represent a health risk. Researchers from Agroscope and INRAE investigated the formation of these undesirable substances in raclette cheeses by the bacterium Morganella morganii.


Vacherin Fribourgeois PDO: Consumer Study Shows Popularity of Raw-Milk Cheeses

At the new Centre of Excellence for Raw-Milk Products, Agroscope and Grangeneuve interviewed test subjects about the popularity of Vacherin Fribourgeois PDO cheeses made from raw and thermised milk. The study showed that the market potential of raw-milk cheeses has not yet been exhausted.


July 2022 issue of agroscope magazine now online

This issue sheds light on research topics such as the new Smart Farming technologies, soil carbon sequestration and the improvement of wine quality.


Ways to an environmentally friendly and healthy diet

The conclusion reached on the Agroscope Life Cycle Assessment Platform: making our diet more sustainable requires a holistic analysis of production, healthy eating, consumer decisions and the entire food system, as well as the involvement of all stakeholders.