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First Swiss Field Trial with CRISPR/Cas9-Modified Barley

Agroscope has been granted approval by the Federal Office for the Environment for a field trial with spring barley. The focus is on a barley gene that has been disabled by new breeding techniques. The trial, which will be launched in spring 2024, aims to determine whether yields can be increased.


More income from Grass-Based Beef Production

Agroscope studied how grass-based farms can produce both economically and in an ecologically sound manner. Find out more in the video and in the article published in Swiss Agricultural Research.
 Studie «Klimaresilienter Ackerbau 2035»


Study on Climate-Resilient Arable Farming

On behalf of Schweizer Hagel, fenaco and the Swiss Farmers’ Union, Agroscope has established a study on climate-resilient arable farming in 2035, with the topic of drought at the centre of the study.