Environment and Resources

Titelblatt Ressourcen und Umwelt

How sustainable is the production of the Swiss agricultural sector? What measures would make it even more competitive and resource-saving? Agroscope investigates and develops agricultural production systems bearing in mind new technologies as well as economic, environmental and social factors. Agroscope provides tools and decision-making processes for safeguarding natural resources such as soil, water and biodiversity.

Smart Farming Enables More Efficient Use of Resources

Sensor-controlled, automated processes are increasingly available for developing greater sustainability in agricultural production systems and for quality control. These so-called 'smart farming' systems offer potential for more efficient, emission-reducing and resource-saving production methods, as demonstrated by the Agroscope Sustainability Conference held at the Tänikon site on 19 January 2017.


Research Platform « Flowering Habitats »

Agriculture faces many challenges. In order to be sustainable, it must produce as efficiently as possible and, at the same time, preserve the natural resources and allow farmers to make a reasonable income. One of the many challenges is to use tailored flowering elements on the farm, which promote ecosystem services (pollination, pest control, etc.) in order to enable high-quality agricultural production and preserve biodiversity. The platform "Flowering Habitats" by Agroscope, FiBL, HAFL and SBV aims to help overcome this challenge.