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The November 2022 agroscope magazine is online

The Agroscope Centre of Excellence for Raw-Milk Products investigated the popularity of Vacherin Fribourgeois PDO cheese. Read about this and many more studies in the latest issue of the magazine.


Direct Payments Bolster Family Employment on the Farm

Employment in the agricultural sector is declining in many European countries, especially in livestock farming. Direct payments can counter this trend and lead to the employment of more – especially female – family members on the farm.


AgroPV and Greenhouse Crops: Pilot Project

To utilise useful light for the vegetables grown in the greenhouse whilst producing electricity: this is possible thanks to the startup Voltiris's agri-photovoltaic system. Agroscope is currently testing this solution for vegetable crops requiring especially high levels of light at its Conthey site.


Swiss Food Security 2022: Current Events and Trends

Despite the current challenges of e.g. the war in Ukraine and climate change, the Swiss food sector is relatively resilient. This is the conclusion reached by Agroscope’s report on behalf of the Swiss Federal Office for National Economic Supply.


Weathering the Fallout from the Pandemic

Swiss farmers were less hard-hit by the consequences of the pandemic than their colleagues in the neighbouring European countries. This is because farms in Switzerland are more diversified.


Mastering the challenges of the future

Researchers from WSL, Agroscope and Vrije University Amsterdam have applied methods from futurology to identify four megatrends in European agriculture. This study should help to master the challenges of the future.


July 2022 issue of agroscope magazine now online

This issue sheds light on research topics such as the new Smart Farming technologies, soil carbon sequestration and the improvement of wine quality.


How Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Changed our Behaviour?

The pandemic has influenced not only our everyday life but also our behaviour. Agroscope looked at which population groups and behaviours experienced or underwent particularly significant changes, and what this means for our health.


Swiss Dairy Farming in Transition

Swiss dairy farms are more strongly affected by structural change than other farm types. An analysis of the farms exiting the sector or switching focus highlights influencing factors.


Ways to an environmentally friendly and healthy diet

The conclusion reached on the Agroscope Life Cycle Assessment Platform: making our diet more sustainable requires a holistic analysis of production, healthy eating, consumer decisions and the entire food system, as well as the involvement of all stakeholders.