Economics and Technology


Measuring and Optimising Environmental Impacts

Easy-to-use and informative metrics are essential to allow farmers to measure and optimise the environmental impacts of their farming activity for themselves. The recently launched Agroscope research programme ‘Indicate’ aims to develop these metrics.


Lower in-Kind Yields from Forgoing the Use of Plant-Protection Products in Arable Crops

A survey of 18 experts from the whole of Switzerland shows what effects a complete or partial avoidance of plant-protection products would have on in-kind yields in arable production.


Agroscope Wins Outstanding Paper Award

Researchers from Agroscope and ETH Zurich, together with Gamaya, have won the SPECTRO EXPO Outstanding Paper Award.


March 2021 issue of agroscope Magazine now Online

From pitchfork to fork – this issue of agroscope Magazine focuses on selected food-production topics.


Dairy Products and Holidaymakers

Swiss milk producers can boost their income and productivity with agrotourism.


LabourScope – The Work Budget for Agriculture and Housekeeping

How much time does it take to perform the individual activities on a farm? Are all those involved satisfied with the distribution of the work? How could the distribution be further improved?