Economics and Technology


Smart Farming

Agroscope’s aim is to increase the competitiveness of Swiss agriculture through the inclusion of smart-farming technologies by offering decision-making aids for practitioners, with the focus remaining on people in all cases.

Labour Sciences

Agroscope makes key work-economics figures available in the form of manuals and online apps. Producers use these data for full-cost calculations and for workforce deployment planning, as well as for long-term operational planning and development.
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Managerial Economics in Agriculture

Agriculture costs money. Farmers must invest in machines, livestock and buildings if they want to be successful. Often, however, it is not entirely clear how much money should be put into which machines and buildings.


Agroscope's socio-economic research addresses many problem areas: It assesses the consequences of different policy frameworks for the production of milk, meat and plants, identifies social problems and defines effective tools for their elimination.


LabourScope is a specialised app for calculating the working-time requirement of work and production processes on the farm. This tool contains a work budget and key labour-economics figures for field work and work in animal housing, as well as for activities in the farm household.