Berry Production


In order to improve the economic efficiency of berry crops whilst maintaining optimum quality and respecting the environment, our studies focus on:

  • researching new varieties
  • improving production techniques
  • staggering the harvest period
  • crop protection
  • maintaining post-harvest quality.

A Competence Network comprising stakeholders from production, extension and research meets annually to prioritise new topics in response to producer demand (Berry Forum, Extension).


You’ll find publications on this topic here.

Latest News and Further Information

Insolight (in German)

Initial results for the pilot agrivoltaic plant on Agroscope’s Conthey site.

Handbuch Beeren

Soft-Fruit Guide (in German)

this reference work sets out the current guidelines associated with berry production.

Agri-PV and Fruit Crops: Pilot Tests in Europe and Switzerland (in German)

Partners Insolight, Agroscope and Romande énergie set up this pilot project on Agroscope’s Conthey site in which an experimental agrivoltaic plant is also used in berry production.