Vegetable Growing


The commercial sector and consumers have high expectations for the quality of vegetables. Meeting these expectations is a major challenge for practitioners. Agroscope helps farmers produce high-quality products in a more sustainable and efficient fashion.

Plant Protection Information

Together with partners, Agroscope maintains a monitoring network that can be used to record all major harmful organisms.  


Sedges are difficult to control and are increasingly becoming a problem in arable and horticultural fields.

Latest News and Further Information

Strategies for Controlling Marsh Yellow-Cress (in German)

Marsh yellow-cress has long been known in Swiss vegetable production as a problematic weed.

Vegetable Production

Vegetable Production: Striking Reduction in Nitrogen Leaching without Crop Residues

In vegetable production it is usual to leave crop residues on the field. Measurements performed by Agroscope show that removing these residues dramatically reduces nitrogen leaching.


Scoring Points with Plant Protection in Vegetable Crops

This article in Swiss Agricultural Research explains the point system developed by Agroscope for plant protection in vegetable crops.