Fruit Growing

Obstbau Maschine Veranstaltung

Welcome to Agroscope's applied fruit research. This page offers you practical expertise as well as current disease and pest forecasts for successful orchard management and advice in fruit growing.

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It is an undisputed fact that fruits play a crucial role in modern nutrition. AWC's research work is intended to provide fruit growers with expertise on varieties, plant protection, physiology and economical data as well as breeding of new cultivars to enhance product quality, production efficiency and sustainability. that product quality as well as production efficiency and sustainability may be enhanced.

In Extension-Projects, current questions about plant protection, the testing of new varieties and burning problems in practical fruit growing are dealt with. The research goals of those projects are being jointly determined by practitioners and AWC representatives on an annual basis. In long-term research projects, topics such as irrigation, replanting problems and optimizing fruit quality are being investigated. Also, the development of phenology models and decision support systems are part of our long-term research.

Our fruit growing team has well-established networks with national and international specialist departments and regularly reports on the results of its scientific work and on new developments in fruit growing in regional, national and international conferences. Both results and ensuing recommendations for practical application are published on the internet, in bulletins and in technical and scientific journals.

Drosophila suzukii

Drosophila suzukii

This fly damages ripe fruits, berries and grapes . Agroscope researchers are proposing different fighting methods.

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Fruit Breeding

Fruit breeding is focused on the development of new apple and apricot varieties.