Field Crops


Our scientific activities are meant to promote an efficient and profitable production of high-quality plant products for both human consumption and feed purposes while preserving soil fertility and the environment.  

We help develop healthy diets, efficient food chains and sustainable production systems owing to:

  • our knowledge of field crop species (potato, cereals, maize, oilseeds, grain legumes, sugar beet...)
  • the choice of adapted varieties
  • the use of healthy potato plants (certification)
  • improved cultivation methods
  • optimized fertilisation

Innovative Swiss agriculture: rice, tofu and sweet potatoes

Will rice, soya beans and sweet potatoes – which originated in Asia and the Americas – become normal Swiss crops in the future? Valued for their adaptability to climate change and nutritional qualities and also as a potential source of diversification, these crops have in fact begun to be grown in parts of Switzerland and could be much more widely cultivated in the future (House of Switzerland, 24.04.19).



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