Forage, Grassland, Grazing Systems

Futterbau Kuehe Weide Maeher

We support the ecological use of meadows and pastures and the development of sustainable grassland and upland farming systems. Our research aims to produce multifunctional milk and meat production systems based on efficient and environmentally sound grassland use and animal-friendly livestock husbandry.

  • We study the management of productive, botanically stable swards that are suited to their location, which provide nutritious feed and are able to cover most of the nutritional requirements of high-performance livestock.
  • We develop a wide range of seed mixtures for various site conditions and types of use, with which to sow temporary leys and species-rich permanent pasture.
  • We devise concepts and methods for preserving low-input, species-rich hay meadows and nutrient-poor grassland and pasture which are valuable in terms of nature conservation, and which provide forage for less-demanding ruminants.
  • We develop grazing techniques geared to both livestock type and farm type. Particular attention is paid to the ever-more-frequent dry spells.
  • We deal with issues concerning the integration of production and environmental targets on the farm, paying optimal attention to the given site conditions.

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Cows Contribute to Plant Composition of their Pastures

Kuhrassen Rinder Weide

Not all cows are the same when it comes to their forage preferences: Cattle breed influences the botanical composition of pasture.
Press Release - August 19 2019


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Fodder Plant Breeding

Agroscope breeds fodder plants for grassland-based animal production. This provides Swiss farmers with high-yielding varieties of grasses and clover for cultivation in temporary-ley mixtures.

Landschaftstypologie Schweiz

Biodiversity, Landscape

In the Agricultural Landscape and Biodiversity sector, Agroscope compiles bases for maintaining and promoting species diversity in agriculture, as well as for the development and upkeep of diverse and beautiful cultivated landscapes.