Forage, Grassland, Grazing Systems

Futterbau Kuehe Weide Maeher

Agroscope researches for the semi-natural, sustainable use of meadows and pastures. The aim is to develop dairy- and meat-production systems based on efficient, environmentally sound grassland use and animal-friendly livestock husbandry.


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Sward and Nutrient Management

Agronomically valuable, stable plant populations are only possible when usage and fertilisation intensity are in harmony with the site.

Roughage Technology

From stand management to feeding, each individual step is critical for the quality of the silage.

Adapting to Drought

With a clever combination of meadow plants, drought-related yield losses can be reduced.

Latest News and Further Information


Hardy Grazing Livestock: Protectors of the Mountain Landscape

Sheep and goats can put a stop to shrub encroachment on alpine pastures. The traditional Engadine sheep is particularly effective in this context.

Forage production

Temporary grassland: two new alfalfa varieties recommended

Warmth-loving alfalfa is used in temporary grassland production, particularly in three-year mixtures for arid sites.

Hochlandrinder Weiden

Pasture Maintenance with Highland Cattle

Barbara Brawand from Rütihof in Gsteigwiler (Canton of Bern) and Caren Pauler (Agroscope) explain the positive effects of Highland cattle on pastures.