Weinbau Rebberg

Swiss viticulture is characterised by the high costs of production due to the topography of the vineyards and the structure of the production facilities, however they often make up landscapes that are greatly valued. To maintain its viability, Swiss viticulture must position itself as a producer of high quality products.

Research in viticulture and oenology at Agroscope is intended to solve practical problems of Swiss wine growers, taking into account regional conditions. In the experimental centres of Changins, Pully and Wädenswil we conduct experiments from the vineyard to the wine, including sensorial analysis. Analytical equipments are the basis for microbiological and chemical research during all phases of grape ripening and wine making.

Research in plant protection at Agroscope offers practical solutions for problems caused by pests, diseases and weeds. In order to protect vineyards from their numerous enemies, it is necessary to develop methods of prediction, prevention and diagnosis, as well as control strategies and methods.

Drosophila suzukii

Drosophila suzukii

This fly damages ripe fruits, berries and grapes . Agroscope researchers are proposing different fighting methods.

Grape Yellows Disease

This grape disease will eventually kill the plants which are hosting it.



This online plateform provides meteorologial informations and tools allowing to improve plants protection actions.


Weinbau Linder

Switzerland at the forefront of sustainable viticulture

Integrated production in viticulture represents more than 85 % of the Swiss vineyard. Christian Linder (Agroscope) explains the history and thinking behind this approach to sustainable wine production (a video by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine, 12.07.19). 

Zufferey Weinbau

Climate change and sustainability in vineyards

In this video, Vivian Zufferey (Agroscope) explains the various experiences and research projects on water and soil undertaken by the Swiss centre of excellence for agricultural research. The objective is to help winemakers to adapt to the new weather conditions in the most sustainable way (International Organisation of Vine and Wine, 22.07.19).

Drohnen im Rebbau Video Dubuis

Drones to protect vineyards

Agroscope collaborates with drone experts and winemakers to develop alternative ways of applying plant-protection products against fungal diseases (International Organisation of Vine & Wine, 20.06.19).

Trauben House of Switzerland

Swiss winegrowers aim for zero pesticides

Switzerland's centre of excellence for agricultural research Agroscope has been creating new grape varieties for 50 years. Their goals are ambitious – particularly the targets for disease resistance. Several generations of resistant varieties have emerged, helping to gradually reduce the impact of diseases and the use of pesticides (House of Switzerland, 31.10.18).