Plant Protection


The agricultural sector must square up to numerous challenges in the field of plant protection. Discover what Agroscope is doing in this field.


Phytopathology is the study of plant diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, phytoplasmas and fungi.


Entomology is the study of insects for the purpose of crop protection.

Biological Control

Biological control researches techniques for controlling pests via the introduction of beneficials or products of natural origin.

Weed Science

Weed science examines the weeds that compete with field crops, legumes and grape crops.

Plant Protection Products

Agroscope mainly studies the behaviour and effects of PPPs in the environment and evaluates the risks associated with them.  

Agroscope Plant Protection Service

As part of the Swiss Federal Plant Protection Service (SPPS), the Agroscope Plant Health Service helps prevent the spread of particularly dangerous harmful organisms.

Plant Protection Diagnostics

Federal and cantonal agencies and bodies can apply to Agroscope for the identification of plant diseases and pests as well as weeds.


Agroscope is the Swiss centre of excellence for managing harmful neobiota (non-indigenous species) in agriculture.

Latest News and Further Information

Kirschessigfliege auf Erdbeere

First Experimental Release of Parasitic Asian Wasp to Control Spotted-Wing Drosophila

Drosophila suzukii is an invasive pest that wreaks havoc in berry, stone fruit and grape crops. Agroscope and CABI are introducing a natural antagonist from the fruit fly’s region of origin in East Asia for the first time here in Switzerland.


Agroscope’s crucial role in controlling the bacterium Ralstonia pseudosolanacearum

Ginger plants infected by the bacterium Ralstonia pseudosolanacearum have recently been detected in Switzerland, as announced by the FOAG. (in German)


Discovery of Japanese beetles in Kloten – first population north of the Alps

Several days ago, numerous Japanese beetles were discovered in Kloten – the first population north of the Alps. The non-native Coleoptera can cause significant damage in crops and green spaces. (in German)