Plant Protection

Ant and aphids
Ant and aphids

Ecological intensification, the preservation of natural resources and adaptation to changes in climate are the main focal points of plant protection for a healthy, high-quality diet.

The certification of phytosanitary products, the monitoring of quarantine organisms and the spread of certified vine plants and potatoes are enforcement tasks involving the skills of viticulture, phytopathology and plant biotechnology experts. 

The breeding of grape varieties that are resistant to fungal diseases, the website, research into new natural active molecules, the development of innovative diagnostic methods or biological control contribute inter alia to addressing these sustainability challenges.

Our findings are passed on to practitioners, to the cantonal phytosanitary services, and to our private and public partners. These findings contribute to the improvement of scientific and technical know-how on a national and international scale via our publications, conferences, and media presence.

The issues identified by the Swiss Wine Forum and the Swiss Arable Crops Forum are borne in mind and incorporated into the focus of our activity programmes.

Our partnerships on the internal, national and international level enable better use of our resources and improve the efficacy of the research process.

Other Projects in the Subject Area


Systems Research for Reducing Plant-Protection Product Usage

‘ IP+’ aims to develop agricultural practices that allow for maximum reduction in the use of pesticides by including and combining biological approaches to pest control.

Quarantaeneorganismen Feuerbrand

Fire blight

Fire blight is a notifiable plant disease. In case of potential fire blight infection, please contact the appropriate municipal authority or the Cantonal phytosanitary services.

Drosophila suzukii

Drosophila suzukii

This fly damages ripe fruits, berries and grapes . Agroscope researchers are proposing different fighting methods.


Grape Yellows Disease - Phytoplasma

This grape disease will eventually kill the plants which are hosting it.

Quarantine - Phytosanitary Service

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