Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources

Suppression of stamens in the variety used as female (picture) in the process of crossing two varieties.

Agroscope researches and breeds plant varieties that produce good yields with less effort and expense and can be cultivated in a more environmentally friendly manner than the varieties currently being grown.

Breeding Research

Modern breeding and selection technologies enable increased efficiency in research.

Arable-Crop Breeding

New wheat and soybean varieties are the focus of plant breeding at Agroscope.

Forage Plants

Agroscope breeds forage plants for grassland-based livestock production.

Fruit Breeding

Fruit breeding focuses on the development of new apple and apricot varieties.

Latest News and Further Information



For over thirty years now, Agroscope’s GMO-free soya breeding programme has contributed to the success of this crop on the European continent.

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The National Gene Bank: Safeguarding Tomorrow’s Biodiversity

Numerous plant species are stored in Agroscope’s National Gene Bank to safeguard plant genetic resources for the future.

Agroscope’s Pear Variety FRED® Confirms its Potential (in German)

The Agroscope-bred pear variety FRED® is enjoying growing popularity not only here in Switzerland, but beyond our national borders, as shown by its cultivation in France, Belgium, Italy and Chile.