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How Does the Share of Farmland Classified as Ecological Focus Area Affect Farm Biodiversity?

Managing farmland as an Ecological Focus Area (EFA) has a positive impact on its biodiversity. Agroscope has now investigated the effect of implementing this agri-environmental measure on non-EFAs.

Swiss Agricultural Research

Heat Stress

Weidende Milchkühe passen ihr Verhalten bei Hitzestress an

Grazing Dairy Cows Adapt their Behaviour to Heat Stress

Heat stress is a growing threat to the welfare, health and productivity of dairy cows, especially on the pasture. Commercial farms need simple indicators that enable farmers to detect heat stress at an early stage.



Potato Late Blight - Information and Control

Various outbreaks of potato late blight have been identified recently. Agroscope makes an online information and forecasting system available for controlling the disease.

Forage production


Catch Crops for Feed Production in Drought Conditions

Are drought-tolerant catch crops a good source of feed? A trial conducted by Agroscope shows that their potential is limited. Combining certain of these catch crops with legumes can improve feed quality, including in the form of silage.

Swiss Agricultural Research



Plant protection, variety breeding and testing, optimisation of cultivation techniques - for agroecological production systems

Qualitative and sensorial analyses of foodstuffs for a high-quality, healthy diet and safe food.

Research on bees, horses, pigs and ruminants as well as official inspection of their feed - for economic and animal-friendly husbandry.

Research for an agricultural sector that preserves biodiversity as well as soil, air and water quality against the backdrop of climate change.

Socioeconomic analyses of agricultural labour, income monitoring, digitisation and smart farming – for an economic and socially sustainable agriculture.

Virtual or physical stations where researchers and practitioners together work together in co-creation to develop solutions for a sustainable agricultural sector.


Die Alp- und Berglandwirtschaft im Wandel

Alpine and Mountain Agriculture: Adapting to a Rapidly Changing World

For three years now, the Alpine and Mountain Agriculture Experimental Station has been helping farms at higher altitudes deal with increasingly demanding production conditions. In a meeting of tradition and technology, ongoing trials and initial results were presented to the media on 2 July in the Canton of Graubünden. Below, some information on the projects (only in German, French and Italian).




Decision support system to control late blight in integrated as well as organic potato production.



Agrometeo is a platform that summarises information and decision-support tools for the optimised application of plant protection measures in agriculture.



SALCA Method Updated for more Accurate, Flexible and Comparable Environmental Assessments

The SALCA life cycle assessment method was comprehensively updated in light of new needs, systematically documented and reviewed by external specialists. This will allow a wide range of research issues in the agriculture and food sector to be addressed.

Agrarforschung Online

Swiss Agricultural Research

Swiss Agricultural Research publishes Swiss agriculture and food sector research findings online. This open-access journal is published by Agroscope. Additional partners are the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL, the School of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences HAFL and the AGRIDEA advisory centres.