Microbiology and Analysis of Foods of Plant Origin

Project Microbiology and Analysis of Foods of Plant Origin

The WP 2014-2017 activity field ‘Microbiology and Analysis of Foods of Plant Origin’ examines the occurrence of desired, undesired and human-pathogenic microorganisms in foods of plant origin, as well as their effects on the quality and safety of these foods. One main focus consists in the researching of antibiotic-resistant and biofilm-forming bacteria on fresh plant products, as well as in their production environment. The components of fruits and vegetables are determined by physical and chemical methods. Here, we also focus on developing and establishing the necessary methodology for this. Non-destructive methods of analysis enable us to determine the quality characteristics of intact fruits and vegetables. In the field of wine microbiology, fructophilic yeasts are selected and characterised genotypically and phenotypically. The diversity of bacteria and yeasts is investigated using microbiological and molecular-biological methods.
Through cooperation with research institutes and industry partners at a national and international level, this activity field offers a high potential for innovation. Optimal networking with client groups enables the latter to benefit directly from new scientific findings and practice-oriented solutions. Our work in this field of activity helps to increase the safety and quality of plant foods, as well as to strengthen consumer trust in the value chain and in the trustworthiness of the agriculture and food sector.


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