Food Microbial Systems


The ‘Food Microbial Systems’ Research Division aims to capture and understand the biodiversity of microorganisms in selected food microbial systems. These findings form the basis for the systematic use, promotion and monitoring of naturally present and specifically added microorganisms for high-quality, safe and healthy food.

Foods fermented with exclusive cultures from strains in the Agroscope collections should have a substantial competitive advantage in terms of taste, quality, safety, healthiness or authenticity; moreover, their origin is easily traced.

The Research Division identifies and assesses the risks of human-pathogenic, persistent and antibiotic-resistant bacteria in selected food-production systems in a timely manner, investigates the role of biofilms in particular, and supports practitioners in risk minimisation.

 Among other things, this makes an important contribution to the reduction of both nutrition-related diseases of civilisation and food losses during processing and storage or ripening.

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