Sick vine leaf

Phytopathology is the science of plant diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, oomycetes (water moulds), phytoplasma and fungi

Plant diseases are of major significance in the growing of all crop plants, causing high losses in quality and yield. In addition, toxins can lead to a threat to the safety of food and feed. Every year, several billion Euros in losses are incurred worldwide due to disease control costs and decreased yields .

Using modern techniques such as molecular methods and informatics, Agroscope develops new methods for diagnosing, forecasting, monitoring and regulating pathogens. The effect of cropping and environmental factors on plant pathogens is investigated, plant varieties are tested in terms of their susceptibility to disease, and new cultivation and plant protection strategies are developed. The aim is to enable the production of safe, high quality food and feed. In this context, both protection of the environment and sustainable production play a crucial role.

Drosophila suzukii

Drosophila suzukii

This fly damages ripe fruits, berries and grapes . Agroscope researchers are proposing different fighting methods.

The 3rd MycoKey technical workshop


The 3rd MycoKey technological workshop

Within the framework of the MycoKey Horizon 2020 project, Agroscope hosted a technological workshop in Zurich, Switzerland from 18 to 19 June 2019. The workshop provided an exchange platform for government, researchers and companies and strengthened the global knowledge on toxigenic fungal species in wheat, barley and maize.