Soil health

Green manures grown in the green house to improve the soil health status

Soilborne aggressors are pathogens (fungi, bacteria, viruses) and pests (nematodes, insects) living in the soil which infect below ground plant organs (roots, rhizomes) and consequently weakens the plants, in the worst case cause their death.

The control of such pathogens and pests aims to reduce losses of crop yield and quality, in the best case to avoid them completely.

Alternative control methods are privileged

Alternative are in contrast to classical control methods, which are meant to disinfest completely the soil. Latter goal is - more or less successful - achieved by using synthetic chemical substances or heat (vapour).

Alternative methods are justified by three reasons:

- maintenance of the soil fertility,
- maintenance of the soil biodiversity,
- acceptance of these methods by growers and consumers.


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