Agroscope Phytosanitary Service (APS)

Pflanzenschutzdienst Flughafen

Due to the intensive and globalised nature of the business of material multiplication, there is a risk to agriculture that particularly dangerous or harmful diseases and pests are introduced and spread. The Agroscope Phytosanitary Service (AFS) being part of the Federal Plant Protection Service (FPPS) help to prevent the dispersion of particularly dangerous harmful organisms. The legal framework and the allocation of tasks between the research stations of the confederation and the cantons is established in the Plant Health Ordinance [SR916.20]. The Agroscope phytosanitary service contributes to its enforcement. 

His mission of the APS is as follows:

  • Drawing up of phytosanitary certificates for the exportation of multiplication material.
  • Participation in the Swiss phytosanitary passport system.
  • Support to the cantonal phytosanitary services in the monitoring and fight against QO.
  • Support to the SPF (Federal Phytosanitary Service) for border controls and the business of multiplication material.
  • Coordination of laboratory diagnosis in the research stations.