Seed testing


Every year, Agroscope’s seed-testing laboratory analyses the quality of more than 6000 seed samples from over 200 different plant species. These analyses are pivotal in ensuring that only seed of impeccable quality is marketed and sold. Half of the samples are analysed within the framework of seed certification. We also offer seed-sample quality testing for Swiss and foreign seed markets. Such clients often request an analysis in accordance with VESKOF standards. As a rule, clients submit individual components for testing; however, Agroscope also tests species mixtures – in particular, standard mixtures for forage-crop production. 

Agroscope’s seed-testing laboratory is accredited by the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA). Agroscope is therefore authorised to issue ISTA certificates for seed batches, as required by the international seed market.

Reaccreditation of the Seed-Testing Laboratory by the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA)


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Seed Quality

The 'Seed Quality' Research Group helps ensure that the Swiss agricultural sector has access to certified seed. We carry out field inspections to ensure the varietal identity and varietal purity of our seed.

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