Field Crops


The production of healthy, high-quality field crops using inexpensive and environmentally friendly methods – this is the aim of Agroscope’s research and development work in the Arable Production sphere.

Optimised Field-Crop Systems

Agroscope contributes to sustainable production systems by researching soil tillage, soil cover and crop rotation.

Efficient Plant Nutrition

We test the use of wood ash as a recycled fertiliser as well as the use of organic and synthetic chemical fertilisers.

Seed Certification

The certification of cereals, grain legumes, maize and forage plants is one of the enforcement tasks performed by Agroscope.  

Seed Testing

Agroscope performs quality testing on over 6000 seed samples of over 200 different plant species annually.  

Latest News and Further Information


Breeding of Cereal and Soybean Varieties

Agroscope breeds disease-resistant cereal varieties for the Swiss market and soybean varieties that are adapted to the Swiss climate.


PestiRed: Lower Pesticide Use in Field Crops

The PestiRed Project aims to reduce the use of plant-protection products by 75% without reducing economic returns by more than 10%.


Companion Planting: Better Together

The aim of companion planting is to make use of the positive interactions of plants. Examples are the cultivation of oilseed rape with a companion crop, maize with sorghum, or the practice of agroforestry.