Climate and Air

Agriculture has a complex and varied relationship with the climate. It is an actor in that it emits but also sequesters greenhouse gases. It also causes nitrogen and odour emissions. At the same time, it must adapt to climate change in order to continue to ensure good yields.


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Latest News and Further Information

Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Grazed Pastures Lower than Expected

A great deal of climate-damaging nitrous oxide comes from agriculture. Agroscope researchers have now been able to show that grazing cows are responsible for much less of this greenhouse gas than previously assumed.

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Environmental Calculator for the Swiss Agricultural Sector

Agroscope and the Institute for Agroecology are developing a practical environmental calculator that can calculate the impact of Swiss farms on climate, biodiversity and sustainability.

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Sorghum: Where Can This Drought-Resistant Grain Be Grown?

Sorghum is suitable both as human food and animal feed. Agroscope has created maps showing the potential growing areas for silage- and grain sorghum.