Biodiversity, Landscape

Ökologischer Ausgleich und funktionelle Biodiversität

In the Agricultural Landscape and Biodiversity sector, Agroscope compiles bases for maintaining and promoting species diversity in agriculture, as well as for the development and upkeep of diverse and beautiful cultivated landscapes. In addition, Agroscope researches the way in which agroecosystems operate, as well as the effect of agricultural crops and ecological compensation areas on biodiversity.

Using practical concepts and methods, Agroscope contributes to an environmentally sound and creative enhancement of cultivated landscapes. Examples of this are the development of field margins for ecological compensation, the testing of the effect of grass-harvesting methods on biodiversity, the evaluation of agro-ecological measures, the development of agro-environmental indicators in the biodiversity sector, studies on overall landscape appearance and perception, and the potential for agroforestry in Switzerland.



INSECT – A Research Initiative on the Changes in the Insect Fauna of Switzerland

What is the state of insects in Switzerland? What changes have there been, and what has caused them? Researchers study these questions in the project ‘INSECT’.