Biodiversity, Landscape

Ecological Compensation and Functional Biodiversity

Agroscope develops foundations for preserving biodiversity in agricultural environments and maintaining diverse agricultural landscapes. In addition, Agroscope examines how agroecosystems function and how agricultural crops and ecological compensation areas affect biodiversity.


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Agricultural Landscape

Using (among others) computer-assisted spatial analyses, Agroscope investigates how land use impacts the landscape.

Biodiversity Indicators

Computer-assisted methods and databases can be used to gauge the state of the Swiss agricultural landscape.

Latest News and Further Information


INSECT – A Research Initiative on the Changes in the Insect Fauna of Switzerland

What is the state of insects in Switzerland? What changes have there been, and what has caused them? Researchers study these questions in the project ‘INSECT’.


Project PestiRed: An Agro-ecological Approach to Reducing Pesticides in Field Crops

Plant-protection product use in field crops is meant to decrease by 75%. At the same time, yields must not fall by more than 10%.

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How land use affects plants and their pollinators

An Agroscope study has identified factors which contribute to the resilience of pollination systems in agricultural landscapes. Yet flowering plants in intensively used farmland were visited less often by insects, with implications for species diversity and yields.