Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

11. Ökobilanzplattform

Agroscope analyses important agricultural systems using a life cycle assessment method adapted to the needs of the agricultural sector in order to offer decision-making tools to policy-makers, administrators, businesspeople and practitioners.

SALCA Method

SALCA is a life cycle assessment methodology tailored to agricultural products and processes.


The sources of the environmental impacts as well as potential for improvement are identified.

Sustainable Management

Sustainable agricultural products are the prerequisite for a future-proof agricultural sector.

Agricultural Politics

It’s important to account for the impacts along the entire value chain, in Switzerland and abroad.

Sustainable Food

We evaluate solutions for a healthy and sustainable way of eating.

News and further information

13. Ökobilanz-Plattform Land- und Ernährungswirtschaft, 20.6.2023

Wie lässt sich die Agrar- und Ernährungspolitik mit Hilfe der Ökobilanzierung bewerten und weiterentwickeln? Wie kann man auf den verschiedenen Ebenen – Produkt, Betrieb, Sektor – mit Zielkonflikten umgehen?


What Measures Promote a Sustainable Diet?

It’s not easy to change eating habits. In a study of the literature, Agroscope investigated which policy measures favour a sustainable diet. Market-oriented tools and bans prove effective, but are fairly unpopular.


Agroscope and ecoinvent Renew Partnership

Agroscope and ecoinvent are committed to advancing sustainable practices in the agriculture and food sectors through their collaboration.