Soil, Bodies of Water, Nutrients

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We develop and optimize sustainable farming systems, especially for organic agriculture. We search for practical solutions for no-till systems, intercropping and weed control for producing in an eco-friendly and resource-efficient manner.


Swiss Collection of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (SAF)

Mycorrhizal fungi have a wide range of positive effects in agricultural ecosystems. We analyse your soil and root samples and determine which and how many mycorrhizal fungi are present. We also sell mycorrhizal fungal inoculum for a variety of applications.


Climate-Friendly Soil Management

The European Joint Programme aims to promote climate-friendly soil management in agriculture, i.e. soil-management systems that contribute to the preservation of ecosystem services.


Three decades of the Swiss Soil Monitoring Network (NABO): Focus on soil quality

The main goal of the National Soil Monitoring Network NABO is the nationwide assessment and evaluation of chemical, physical and biological impacts on soil. Additional tasks include the prediction and early detection of soil changes to ensure long-term soil fertility. For this purpose, the NABO conducts a long-term monitoring of soils under current management conditions.