Environment and Resources

Agroscope-Studie liefert Erkenntnisse für Verbesserung bei Bundessubventionen


Agroscope Study Provides Findings for Improving Federal Subsidies

On behalf of the Swiss Confederation, Agroscope investigated the effects of security-of-supply contributions and border protection on biodiversity. Based on this and further studies, the Swiss Federal Council is now testing targeted improvements to federal subsidies.


Heading towards a Regionalised Nitrogen Balance

The newly designed Swiss agri-environmental monitoring programme ‘MAUS’ aims, as far as possible, to determine environmental impacts for regions and farm types with existing data. The first MAUS report deals with the regionalised nitrogen balance.
Asiatischer Eschenprachtkäfer


Pre-emptive Selection of Natural Enemies of Invasive Pests

Pre-emptive biological control involves the evaluation of the benefits and risks of the natural enemies of an invasive pest in advance of its arrival, allowing the swift approval and deployment of the natural enemies in an emergency.