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The Challenge of Nutrient Losses – Agroscope Supports Agricultural Practitioners

Over the next few years, nitrogen and phosphorus losses from agriculture must be substantially reduced. With a new series of factsheets, Agroscope is helping farmers improve nutrient efficiency and thereby reduce nutrient losses to the maximum extent possible.


Recycling Wood Residues for Sustainable Agricultural Systems

This project aims to store soil organic matter, restore the fertility of agricultural soils and control weeds by recycling wood residues. The residues are incorporated or spread on the surface in a field trial. The effects of wood residues on soils, oilseed rape, wheat crops as well as on weeds are studied
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Is a Significant Reduction in Pesticides in Wheat and Oilseed Rape Crops Cost-Efficient?

In wheat crops, pesticides can be used more sparingly without sacrificing cost-efficiency. With oilseed rape the situation is more difficult, since the reduced yields are not offset by higher revenues. These are the findings of the analysis of the first two harvest years of the PestiRed project.