Monitoring and Legal Tasks


Agroscope is instrumental in the efficient and effective fulfillment of monitoring and legal tasks in agricultural legislation as well as in further laws directly impacting on agriculture. Agroscope pays special attention to the protection of people and environment, improving the competitiveness of agricultural products in the domestic market and to preserving exportability, and consider nationally and internationally valid standards.

List of enforcement tasks:

Official Inspection of Feed (German, French, Italy only)
• Field crops and forage plants: variety testing, reference sample collection and recognition of seed and planting material
Preservation of genetic resources, gene bank
• Certification of Fruit Trees and Vines
Plant Protection Service and Enforcement diagnostics
• Assessment of plant protection products; extension documents on plant protection products; market controls; risk indicators
• Control of wines for export
• Damage threshold assessment in field crops and in special crops
• Reference methods for fertiliser and soil analyses and recognition of laboratories
Basic fertilisation principles and guidelines for agricultural crops, authorisation of fertiliser application
Reference methods for soil analyses for the assessment of pollutants and for evaluating laboratories; support of cantonal soil monitoring networks from a methodological viewpoint
• Swiss Soil Monitoring Network (NABO): recording and assessment of soil pollutants
• Farm Accountancy Data Network
• Swiss Agri-Environmental Data Network
• Preparation and updating of the work budget
• Registration and approval of biocidal products in agriculture