Monitoring and Legal Tasks

Agroscope is instrumental in the efficient and effective fulfillment of monitoring and legal tasks in agricultural legislation as well as in further laws directly impacting on agriculture. Agroscope pays special attention to the protection of people and environment, improving the competitiveness of agricultural products in the domestic market and to preserving exportability, and consider nationally and internationally valid standards.

Agroscope is individually responsible for the following monitoring and legal tasks:

Locations Changins and Wädenswil

  1. Testing of plant protection products
  2. Plant protection and plant health services
    - Plant production and bringing into circulation (plant passport)
    - Import and export diagnoses of plants products
    - Surveillance of plant quarantine organisms and new harmful organisms
    - Phytosanitary measures in case of an outbreak with quarantine organisms
  3. Variety testing
  4. Approval of seed stock
  5. Control of wines for export
  6. Fertilisation guidelines for arable and special crops
  7. Preservation of genetic resources, gene bank

Locations Liebefeld and Posieux

  1. Management of the national dairy farming reference laboratory
  2. Feedstuffs:
    • Product approval and control
    • Authorisation and registration of producers and distributors

Locations Reckenholz and Tänikon

  1. Chemical, physical and biological soil protection, pollutants in soil
  2. Approval of seed stock, variety testing in cultivation/fodder production
  3. Basic fertilisation principles
  4. Fertilisation guidelines for fodder production
  5. Water protection: Nutritional balances, substance input into water
  6. Reference methods and laboratory recognition for fertiliser and soil analyses
  7. Determination of the economic situation of agriculture
  8. Testing of safety devices on agricultural vehicles
  9. Structural water protection in agriculture
  10. Testing of housing facilities and housing systems for farm animals
  11. Emission protection (odour) in livestock husbandry
  12. Quality assurance in the testing of pesticide sprayers


The Agroscope Management defines the individual responsibilities.