Principles of fertilisation of agricultural crops in Switzerland (PRIF 2017)

2017 GRUD

Press Release

The «Principles of Agricultural Crop Fertilisation in Switzerland» (PRIF 2017) published in June 2017 represent state-of-the-art research into fertilisation and the development of production techniques. They are an indispensable decision making tool for agricultural advisers and farmers regarding the fertilisation of agricultural crops, and a reference database for Swiss federal government and cantonal enforcement tools, such as Suisse-Bilanz. The next edition of PRIF will be published in 2017.

Fertiliser application in plant production is of vital importance for agricultural practitioners and advisers. With the new PRIF 2017, Agroscope has for the first time combined fertilisation recommendations for all crops grown in Switzerland in a single interpretative document.

Agroscope experts have included the latest scientific findings in this comprehensive document, which is printed as a special publication in the journal Agrarforschung Schweiz and is available in German, French and Italian (electronic version CHF 11.–, printed version CHF 21.–).

For further information, see german, french or italian website. 

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