Support Services


Agroscope provides services to the agriculture and food sector. The aim of the Feed Division is to enable top-quality, highly nutritious feed to be produced as cost-effectively as possible. An up-to-date feed database, well-grounded feeding recommendations and further practice-oriented services – in addition, of course, to the Agroscope Feed Analysis Laboratory – are the basis for achieving this.

In addition, for around a hundred years now, Agroscope has offered its Liebefeld cultures for the production of cheeses, yoghurt and other fermented dairy products – because in order to produce top-quality fermented dairy products, the food industry needs safe and effective microorganisms.

In the field of plant protection, Agroscope offers various online calculation and forecasting tools as well as practical information. This allows producers to keep better track of the health of the cultures, as well as to implement plant-protection measures in a targeted, environmentally sound and cost-effective manner.