Dairy Products and Holidaymakers
Swiss milk producers can boost their income and productivity with agrotourism.


Crop Rotation or Crop Cover – What Promotes Healthy Soil?
Crop rotation and crop cover are key elements of environmentally compatible and soil-conserving agriculture.


Controlling Yellow Nutsedge with Free-Range Pigs
Using pigs to control yellow nutsedge is environmentally friendly, effective, protects the soil, and creates added value: the flesh of the animals can be sold as meat.


Second Edition of Cider Varieties Guide Now Online
The sugar levels of the different varieties have been adjusted in the current edition. In addition, there is now a French version of the Cider Varieties Guide.


The Greenhouse Gas Inventory Is Optimised
Agroscope researchers have shown that in extensive cultivation systems, significantly more carbon enters the soil via plant roots than previously assumed.