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The Animal Biology research group offers an analytical service supporting the projects of Agroscope within the framework of the research projects in livestock production and human nutrition. The activities of the group can be divided into three fields:

  • The first relates to the high quality service of meat which concentrates, during its post-mortem process of maturation, on biophysic (such as color or shearing measurement) and biochemical analyses (pH, proteolysis analyses, research of new markers). In this context, it ensures also a support during slaughtering work.
  • The second field deals with aspects of veterinary clinical chemistry by performing blood tests (minerals, vitamins, hematologic assessment, enzymology) and urines (minerals) with the aim to check the health condition of the animals, or to study the effects of various methods of nutrition.
  • The third field is most recent. It studies problems connected to aspects of human nutrition by use of in vitro cellular models.