Organisation Agroscope

Since 1 January 2017, Agroscope consists of three Competence Divisions for Research Technology and Knowledge Exchange, as well as seven Strategic Research Divisions and the Resources Unit. The Competence Divisions are primarily responsible for connections with practice (farmers, businesses, extension), whilst the Research Divisions bear the main responsibility for connections with the research sector (universities, research institutes, the scientific community). The Head of Agroscope Eva Reinhard, together with the Head of the Resources Unit Daniel Guidon, the three Heads of the Competence Divisions and the Seven Heads of the Research Divisions, form the new Agroscope Executive Board. Michael Weber serves as Deputy CEO and Head of Corporate Strategy. Further details can be gleaned from the organisational chart.  

Agroscope is affiliated with the Federal Office for Agriculture. The strategic orientation of Agroscope is determined by the Agroscope Council.

Key tasks of Agroscope:

  1. Research and development for the agri-food sector;
  2. Policy advice for government agencies;
  3. Enforcement tasks in accordance with statutory provisions.

These three primary functions enable numerous synergies, and position Agroscope as a bridge-builder between basic and applied research. 

End of 2014 the Swiss Federal Council approved the four-year performance mandate which describes the services the institutes are expected to perform.