Biochemistry of Milk and Microorganisms

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This scientific group is first specialized in the analysis of milk, dairy products and foodstuffs transforming micro-organisms. The group is divided into three laboratories:

  • Biochemistry of milk and dairy products
  • Metabolites & proteins
  • Bacterial metabolism

This scientific group offers a qualified platform for the analysis of proteins and metabolites using qualitative and quantitative methods.

The strong points of its activities are:

  • processes and physiological and biochemical effects during the consumption of dairy products on human health
  • microbial metabolism in lactic acid and propionic acid bacteria (e.g. production of flavours and amines)
  • the characterization of all proteins and metabolites in milk and lactic acid bacteria (proteomics und metabolomics)
  • processes of maturation of cheeses (e.g. determination of lactic acid, amino-acids and enzymatic activities)
  • the support to the national reference laboratory for the quality of raw milk (determination of the cell number and detection of inhibiting substances)

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