Production of Cultures

The ’Production of Cultures’ Research Group is responsible for the production and dispatch of commercial microorganism cultures with a focus on their use in cheeses. In addition, the Group deals with the introduction of new cultures into the range. The Group works very closely with research and development as well as with Agroscope extension advisers, and is in constant contact with practitioners and customers. Agroscope’s unique Strain Collection represents a valuable reservoir for future developments.

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Project Cultures, Biodiversity and Terroir

Kulturen aus dem Liebefeld

Für die Herstellung von Käse, Joghurt und weiteren fermentierten Milchprodukten müssen der Milch Mikroorganismen zugesetzt werden. Agroscope verkauft die Kulturen hauptsächlich an gewerbliche Käsereien in der ganzen Schweiz.

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