Production of Cultures

Head of Research Group



Staff in the Research Group Cultures are responsible for the production and dispatch of commercial cultures, the introduction of new cultures, as well as quality assurance. Quality assurance ensures compliance with specifications and oversees the release of the cultures. The Process Engineering team sets up new production units and commissions the facilities for culture production. An important part of the Technical-logistical Service Liebefeld’s work is in the planning, organising and performance of various services in the field of technology.



The core competency lies in the development of effective cryoprotectants and the characterisation and definition of lyophilisation parameters of starter cultures. This also includes the analysis of produced powder, whereby the most important physical parameters of the cultures are identified, along with cell count and activity. The team deals with the development of freeze-dried starter cultures. The work encompasses the production of biomass on a trial scale and its pelletisation with a focus on optimising lyophilisation. The biomass is produced in accordance with the processes developed by the fermenter technology team, while the Fermenter Technology Laboratory assists with media optimisation with respect to lyophilisation. Thus, the two laboratories work very closely together.

Production and Distribution


The team is responsible for the production, filling, packaging and dispatch of ALP cultures, most of which are used in around 600 traditional Swiss cheese factories. Every week around 2,000 bottles are produced, each holding 80 ml. The product range includes around 40 different cultures. The variety of mixed raw cultures available ranges from specific mesophilic cultures, to cultures of propionic acid bacteria and mixed surface cultures, as well as optional heterofermentative bacterial cultures. This work is carried out using modern fermenters and production facilities. In the near future the production of freeze-dried cultures will also make up an important share of production. The Culture Production division is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 and most of the cultures meet the BIO SUISSE standards.


This team implements hygiene and cleanroom concepts for the production of freeze-dried and liquid cultures. Equipment is procured in accordance with the "Quality by design" principle. The equipment is commissioned according to the validation model (V-model) and is qualified and validated for GMP-compliant production of cultures.