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The Research Group optimises and develops innovative technologies for milk and meat processing as well as in partnership with other research institutions, trade and industry. The strength of this Department lies in its development of innovative solutions for issues in the field of dairy science and food technology. It combines practical knowledge derived from pilot plants and trade and industry with sound scientific know-how.

The Research Group works with technologies and processes like mixing, centrifugation, homogenisation, emulsification, pasteurisation, UHT processing, lactic acid fermentation and other types of fermentation, membrane separation technology, refrigeration, deep-freezing and air conditioning (humidity, temperature). It is committed to the innovative and sustainable production of fresh tasting and typically aromatic new and known dairy and meat products. It enhances sustainable processes for keeping these foods fresh and extending their shelf life, while also searching for alternative methods of doing so.

Pilot plants and Culture Media Laboratory


Agroscope has a flexible pilot dairy and a multifunctional pilot cheese dairy with modern facilities at its disposal. These research facilities enable trials to be conducted on a scale of approx. 100-litres per batch. With the support of longstanding and innovative know-how, it is possible to produce every conceivable dairy product and every new and known variety of cheese. Our facilities can also be used for other foods. Our research infrastructure is constantly developed further through our own ideas, in cooperation with system manufacturers and with the assistance of Agroscope's own workshop and Automation Department.

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