Cheese, Milk and Dairy Products

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Milk and milk products are valuable foods in the human diet because of their composition.

Milk is processed mainly into cheese, butter, drinking milk, sterilised dairy products such as milk powder, liquid cream, yoghurt, ice-cream, various dairy desserts and quark.

Swiss milk, dairy products and cheese are world-renowned for their outstanding quality thanks to many years of research and advice from Agroscope.

With its research, advisory service, teaching activities and services, Agroscope supports milk processing and helps enable consumers to choose from a wide range of high quality products.

From animal feed to milk processing, Agroscope investigates factors influencing the quality of milk and dairy products.

Research work also aims at generating added value by means of innovative products, new methods and a targeted use of the functional constituents of milk. In addition to aspects of product quality, Agroscope also investigates the importance of dairy products and cheese in the human diet. Agroscope is particularly interested in preserving the nutritional value of milk compounds by minimal processing. 

Research work and close contact with milk processors in trade and industry enable the expert and impartial evaluation of issues affecting milk, milk products and cheese. Agroscope develops and produces a wide range of cultures in eco-bud quality for the production of fermented milk products.


Cultures from Liebefeld

Micro-organisms need to be added to milk to produce cheese, yoghurt and other fermented milk products. They covert lactose into lactic acid and other fermentation products.