Adaptation to Dry Spells

Current changes in climate are increasing the risk of drought stress in Switzerland. The deliberate use of certain traits of various grassland plants is a potential adaptive strategy for mitigating the negative effects of these changes. We are investigating which combinations of grassland plants perform well under drought stress, in order to deduce options for the adaptation of permanent and temporary leys to climate change.

Meadow Irrigation in the Mountain Region

Increasing summer drought can be expected in the inner Alpine valleys in future. To safeguard grassland yields, investment is being made in the renovation or expansion of irrigation systems. In Sent (canton of Graub√ľnden), we are investigating the effect of irrigation on the composition of the vegetation of alpine meadows. In addition, we are developing alternative adaptation strategies for forage-production farms in the mountain region.


Futterbau Anpassung Trockenperioden


Further Information

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Adaptation of production systems

Grasslands are the core of forage production worldwide and are severely threatened by climate changes, which can strongly reduce grassland productivity. Climate change is happening at a worldwide scale but not all parts of the world are affected similarly.