Alpine Farming, marginal sites

Futterbau Alpwirtschaft Weide

Alpine farming is an integral component of Swiss mountain agriculture. It produces high-quality foodstuffs and maintains an attractive landscape, valuable habitats and vibrant traditions. Many alpine pastures are marginal agricultural sites that must be managed with great care in order to maintain valuable forage ressources for grazing animals and preserve biodiversity. The type and intensity of grazing is crucial for the composition of the vegetation as well as the services that benefit both people and animals, such as forage production, biodiversity, carbon storage and erosion protection:

Structural change in mountain agriculture continues apace, with ever fewer farms cultivating ever larger acreages with an ever-decreasing workforce. We develop site-appropriate strategies for sustainable land use in the mountain region, and deal with current issues concerning grazing management, the use and conservation of plant communities, and the maintenance of an open landscape:




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