Bee gathering pollen
Bee gathering pollen

The bees gather pollen for their nourishment from different plants and carry it as "pollen load" into the hive. Pollen is the main protein source for the honeybees. In human diet it is an exquisite, functional food, and many therapeutic effects are attributed to it.

In Switzerland, only bee-gathered pollen is produced. About 1000 kg of pollen are produced per year, mainly by beekeepers from the Swiss Pollen Beekeeper's Society. The annual pollen imports are evaluated around 2-3 tons.

Pollen is a food. The legal food requirements, as well as the specific requirements for pollen are indicated in the Swiss Food Directive.

Criteria from the the former Swiss Food Book (2003) can be used for quality assessment.

Pollen, Kapitel 23B des ehemaligen Schweizerischen Lebensmittelbuches (German (PDF, 51 kB, 14.09.2016) and French (PDF, 101 kB, 15.09.2016)) Pollen, Chapter 23B of the former Swiss Food Book

Schweizerischen Pollenimkervereinigung SPIV: Further information on pollen, especially on pollen harvest