Cells made from new wax in comb
Cells made from new wax in comb

Firts of all beeswax is the cradle of the bee colony. But its also the bees house and the packaging material for stored feed and food all at the same time. It is used by man for many different purposes: medicine, cosmetics and various consumer goods.

Swiss firms produce annually about 60-70 t of wax. This amount is enough for the production of foundations. For other purposes about 150 t are imported every year.

Beeswax is used as an ingredient of creams and lotions in medicine and cosmetics and for applications, specified in the Swiss Drug Directive. Its quality criteria are described in the Swiss pharmacopoe.

Alles um das Bienenwachs (German (PDF, 162 kB, 14.09.2016) and Italian (PDF, 191 kB, 14.09.2016)) Harvest, composition and quality of wax
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