Fresh Milk


An analysis was made of the composition of pasteurised and ultra heat-treated whole milk, milk drink and skimmed milk bought on the Swiss market. Levels of protein, fat, lactose, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids were determined. Milk plays an important part in the supply of nutrients.

Functional Characteristics of Milk Proteins

In addition to their nutritional importance milk proteins have other functional characteristics which make them into valued ingredients. Most known milk products are based on technological changes in the milk’s protein components. The action of heat, pressure, alterations to pH value or enzymatic reactions lead to proteins forming structures. The characteristics of these products are dependent on the physicochemical condition and concentration of the proteins as well as the on milieu conditions.

Types of milk

ESL Milk

The production and distribution of extended shelf-life (ESL) milk is a compromise between naturalness and convenience. As a product this milk comes between pasteurised milk and UHT products.

Nocturnal milk – milk with a raised melatonin level

All mammals produce the hormone melatonin when it is dark. A study was carried out to investigate the effect of different light regimes in cattle housing on the melatonin level in cows' milk.