Odour Research as a Basis for Determining Distances from Animal Housing Systems

On the impact side, the range of the odour plume and the frequency of odour intensities are determined in odour-plume inspections conducted by assessors

In order to avoid odour complaints and ensure investment security, an up-to-date understanding of the fundamentals of odour in animal housing systems is essential. These fundamentals encompass odour concentration from single sources, odour dispersion and site configuration, as well as the impact-side odour perception of whole systems.

  • Systematic investigations of odour concentration with sampling and olfactometry for single sources in different animal species and housing systems, as well as for feed and farm-manure storage
  • Odour-plume inspections with trained assessors on the impact side for testing frequency, intensity and type of odour
  • Using operational and meteorological parameters to determine variables influencing odour impact
  • Odour attenuation over distance as well as suitable reference values for spatially extensive sources
  • Situation analyses, expert knowledge and case studies in the spheres of project planning and odour complaints.