Swiss Agricultural Landscape Types

Alpine landscape characterised by settlements (example of Linthebene) with molasse mountain landscape characterised by forage production and summer-pasturing landscape of the northern alpine margin in the background.

What is typical for a landscape?
What features characterise a landscape?
What can be done to sustainably develop the character of a landscape?
Are the measures transferable to other landscapes?

When we speak think about the future of a landscape, it is inevitable that we come up against such questions. Landscape character classification – an instrument for recording the nature of landscapes and formulating objectives – helps us to find answers. With Switzerland’s agricultural-landscape types, ART provides a basis for the further development of the agricultural support programme, and in-depth research in the spheres of agriculture and landscape ecology. An ongoing ART project is Assessing Development Potential and Land-Use Conflicts in Agricultural Landcapes.

The „Agrarlandschaftstypen der Schweiz“ is published in ART Bericht 712. It is available in German and French.

Map of Agricultural-Landscape Types

The map is available in different layouts and formats.

Geo datasets

The various types of agricultural landscape in Switzerland represent a synthesis of principles developed within the framework of a fundamental analysis for the landscape typology of Switzerland.

The report “Landschaftstypologie Schweiz – Grundlagenanalyse; Beschreibung der Gliederungskriterien und der Teilsynthesen (‘Landscape Typology Switzerland – Basic Analysis; Description of the Structural Criteria and Partial Syntheses’) contains an in-depth description of the methods of differentiation, structural criteria and partial syntheses. Here, the original data which were called upon are also described.

The geodata and the map of agricultural landscape types may be printed and consulted for further analyses, when citing the sources. Landscape character classification is further developed within the framework of various research projects. The Authors authors are grateful for references, additions and corrections.