Biodiversity Indicators

Eco-Fauna Database

The Eco-Fauna Database contains ecological information on the species from 11 different animal groups. Run as a Swiss-German outpost of the Swiss Biological Records Centre (CSCF), the Database helps in answering many questions on Swiss fauna.

Salca biodiversity

Farmers strongly influence the biodiversity of wild plants and animals in the countryside. Using models, Agroscope is investigating what effect individual farming activities have on species.

Vegetation Database

The Swiss Vegetation Database permits quick and efficient access to a superb treasury of data encompassing a timespan of 125 years. Agroscope continues to maintain this database to this day, thereby keeping an eye on the development of our meadows.

Invasive Neophytes

Invasive species are spreading ever more in our globablised world. Agroscope is investigating the consequences that this will have for Switzerland, and what can be done to counteract this trend.

BioBio - Measuring Biodiversity

The objective of the research project BioBio was to identify a set of biodiversity indicators which are (i) scientifically sound, (ii) generic at the European scale and (iii) relevant and useful for stakeholders.