Eco-Fauna Database

and the grasshopper Oedaleus decorus occur exclusively in dry meadows and pastures.


The Eco-Fauna Database contains ecological information on the species from 11 different animal groups. Run as a Swiss-German outpost of the Swiss Biological Records Centre (CSCF), the Database helps in answering many questions on Swiss fauna.

Roughly 40,000 animal species can be found in Switzerland, and it is accordingly difficult and time-consuming to compile and process information on fauna. The Eco-Fauna Database extends a helping hand here to research, the authorities, and practice. The ecological demands and characteristics of wild animal species occurring in Switzerland are compiled from the literature and digitally recorded in the database. These consist of information on habitat requirements, linkage to habitats (i.e. flood-plain and dry-meadow indicator-species status), structures, phenology, mobility, distribution, and climate requirements. Unique here is the differentiation of the developmental stages of each species, since they may have different ecological demands – thus, the butterfly of the Marbled White flies from June to August and feeds on flower nectar, whilst its caterpillar occurs from July to May and feeds on various grass species.

Depending on the question, the database information can be combined and retrieved, e.g. the faunistic potential of an area, the species potentially affected by an intervention such as mowing, or the bases for the selection of target and indicator species.
Because the Eco-Fauna Database cannot be accessed via the Internet, however, queries must be addressed to the person responsible.

The Swiss Biological Records Centre (CSCF) is the national coordination centre for fauna, and collects and administers Swiss fauna observation data in its database. The Eco-Fauna Database has been merged with the CSCF Database, and now forms the Swiss-German outpost of the CSCF. It is within this framework that the Eco-Fauna Database is being further developed. The CSCF and the Eco-Fauna Database are financially supported by the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN).