Refining Agricultural Sector Models

Agroscope models the decisions at producer level, bearing in mind the cost background of the agricultural sector. The aim is to quantify the effects of the agricultural-policy framework, price trends and changes in agricultural structure on the amounts of various foods produced and supplied domestically.

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Analysis of Agricultural and Food Markets

Open markets harbour risks, but also open up opportunities. That’s why Agroscope evaluates the economic impacts of existing and planned trade-policy measures such as free-trade agreements on the Swiss agricultural sector. The analyses provide a scientifically supported decision-making basis for policy-makers, allowing free-trade agreements to be structured for the benefit of the whole of society.


Umwelt- und ressourcenschonende Ernährung

Analyse de cycle de vie de l’alimentation

L'impact environnemental de notre alimentation pourrait être réduit de plus de 50 pour cent si la population suisse se nourrissait selon la pyramide alimentaire et jetait moins de nourriture. C'est ce que montrent les derniers calculs d’Agroscope.