Smart Farming

We have become accustomed to new technologies changing our lives in a wide variety of ways. A similar change is the concept of Smart Farming. Agroscope’s aim is to increase the competitiveness of Swiss agriculture by incorporating smart-farming technologies, developing new systems and offering decision support for practitioners.

In order to promote smart farming in the field and the shed, the Agroscope Tänikon site is working together with the Swiss Future Farm and the experimental station Smart Technologies, as well as a wide range of other partners.



Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming bei Agroscope

Agroscope hat am Standort Conthey eine Pilotanlage für Vertical Farming eingerichtet mit dem Ziel, die Produktion von Basilikum, Rucola, Minze, Shiso und Koriander zu verbessern.


Digital technologies for vegetable production

How Digitalised Will Swiss Vegetable Farms Be in Future?

Digital technologies for vegetable production are available, but are seldom used at present. What factors inhibit or promote their use? A survey of experts conducted by Agroscope provides answers.


Agricultural Training

Digital Technologies in Agricultural Training

Digitalisation is playing an increasingly important role in agriculture. What knowledge is imparted in the Farm Manager course? An online survey shows where there is a need for expansion.