Smart Farming

Agroscope’s aim is to increase the competitiveness of Swiss agriculture through the inclusion of Smart Farming technologies, i.e. by developing new systems and offering decision-making tools for practitioners.


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Smart Weed Control

Artificial intelligence (AI), sensor and drone technology and robotics should allow weeds to be controlled in a more environmentally friendly manner in future.


Plant sensors are intended to provide the plants with just the amount of resources they actually need.

Smart Dendro

Internet-connected sensors measure fruit growth in real time. The data collected could be used to optimise the management of orchards and greenhouses.

Latest News and Further Information

Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming at Agroscope

Agroscope has set up a pilot plant for vertical farming at its Conthey site with the aim of improving basil, rocket, mint, shiso and coriander production.

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Digitalisierter Gemüsebetrieb

How Digitalised Will Vegetable Farms Be in Future?

Although digital technologies for vegetable production are available, they are little used at present. Which factors encourage and which prevent their use? An expert survey conducted by Agroscope provides answers.

landwirtschaftlichen Ausbildung

Digital Technologies in Agricultural Training

Digitalisation is playing an increasingly important role in agriculture. What knowledge is imparted in the Farm Manager course? An online survey shows where there is a need for expansion.