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July 2022 issue of agroscope magazine now online

This issue sheds light on research topics such as the new Smart Farming technologies, soil carbon sequestration and the improvement of wine quality.


How Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Changed our Behaviour?

The pandemic has influenced not only our everyday life but also our behaviour. Agroscope looked at which population groups and behaviours experienced or underwent particularly significant changes, and what this means for our health.


Swiss Dairy Farming in Transition

Swiss dairy farms are more strongly affected by structural change than other farm types. An analysis of the farms exiting the sector or switching focus highlights influencing factors.


Ways to an environmentally friendly and healthy diet

The conclusion reached on the Agroscope Life Cycle Assessment Platform: making our diet more sustainable requires a holistic analysis of production, healthy eating, consumer decisions and the entire food system, as well as the involvement of all stakeholders.


Efficient Life Cycle Assessments thanks to SALCAfuture

As of now SALCAfuture is being used by Agroscope and is also available for internal and external collaborations. Check out this video to learn more.


How Can the Social Sustainability of Family Farms Be Measured?

Previous criteria used to measure social sustainability have their limits in the case of family farms. We propose focusing on workload. Initial results show that this is an easy-to-use and meaningful indicator.


Direct Payments System: How to Reduce the Administrative Burden

Why do Swiss farmers complain about the administrative burden associated with the direct payments system? Studies conducted by Agroscope show that the issue is not the time required: other factors are more important.


How Digitalised Will Swiss Vegetable Farms Be in Future?

Digital technologies for vegetable production are available, but are seldom used at present. What factors inhibit or promote their use? A survey of experts conducted by Agroscope provides answers.


The March 2022 Agroscope Magazine Is Online

Dip into our wide-range of topics, from Knowledge Co-creation to Work Programmes


Digital Technologies in Agricultural Training

Digitalisation is playing an increasingly important role in agriculture. What knowledge is imparted in the Farm Manager course? An online survey shows where there is a need for expansion.